The world’s largest LNG-powered container carrier has made its first visit to Malta.

The vessel, which is called The CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE has a length of 400 metres, making it longer then the height of the Eiffel Tower or more than four football pitches end-to-end. The vessel also has a width of 61 metres. It can also carry 23,000 20-foot containers.

The JACQUES SAADE is the largest container vessel in the world which runs on Liquefied Natural Gas which is considered the least polluting fuel. Thus, it is considered to be a pioneer in the ecological change in the maritime and merchandise transport industry.

The vessel was constructed in China and started operating a month ago. The vessel’s stop in Malta was the ship’s first stop in Europe.

“Jacques Saade decided to use Malta as the hub for CMA CGM in the Mediterranean and we’re really happy to welcome CMA CGM Jacques Saade for the first European call,” stated The Executive Vice-President of CMA  CGM responsible for ports, Nicolas Santini.

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