Wildlife Park Malta, which is home to Many exotic animals such as lions, bears and many more, have expressed their concerns on the recently added regulations and re-invited Minister Anton Refalo to come and see the situation himself.

In a post posted by Wildlife Malta on their social media, they expressed their disappointments to Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Minister for lack of communication. “During this pandemic not even ONCE, you communicated with us, how our animal parks can become a better experience for our visitors,” they wrote on the post.

“Are you aware, that we have many people, mostly with special needs who come to the park for free, as our animals serve as therapy?” they added.

As the park has been closed for most of the past 8 months, they also expressed their concerns on costs for maintaining the park. “Are you aware how difficult it is for us to keep surviving and feeding our exotic animals. Do you think we make profit from running our parks?”

They also re-invited him to visit and hear them out to get a better view of the situation at the park and change some of the recently imposed regulations. “By proposing new regulations without even consulting with us is shameful. I extend my invitation to visit our park and listen to what we are going through.”

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