A video which has gone viral across the Maltese islands in just a few hours, shows a foreign man getting tackled and arrested after failing to cooperate with police.

The incident took place at 3pm in Buġibba, when police were called because of a man creating a disturbance in the area.

The video was taken by people watching the incident from a nearby balcony and was later shared on Facebook.

The video shows the man in an agitated state and using disrespectful language towards two police officers. Other sources have also confirmed that the man was carrying a corkscrew in his hand which is considered as a weapon. After the police asked the man to put down the corkscrew, he refused and started offending them.

After failing to cooperate and attempting to walk away, the police officers were left with no choice other then to restrain the man. The police managed to restrain him by slightly tackling him and without using any weapons. Nobody was injured in the incident.

Watch the video below: