Almost all oil is pumped out of the ship which sank after hitting a coral reef and caused a massive oil spill in Mauritius, according to Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has.

On July 25th, the carrier ship was caught in rough seas and came aground a reef which caused it to sink. The ship wasn’t transporting any oil, however it had 4,000 tonnes of oil as fuel. Shortly after the oil began to spill, the island declared a state of environmental emergency.

Now, more then 2 weeks later, 3,000 out of 4,000 tonnes of fuel oil has been pumped out from the ship’s fuel reservoirs,according the their Prime Minister.

This was done with the help of France and volunteers. Since the small country didn’t have the means to control the oil spill, the Prime Minister asked France for help. The French President accepted the call for help and  sent a military aircraft with pollution-control equipment. Japan also joined in to help by sending a 6 member team to assist the French.

According to authorities, the situation is now fully under control. However, marine life all around the shores of the island suffered most. Mauritius is well known world wide for its coral reefs and sea creatures.