As covid-19 cases get out of hand in the Australian state of Victoria, “Stage four” lock-down measures will be active this Sunday at 6.00pm.

On Sunday, Victoria had 671 new Covid-19 cases, and 7 new deaths. Just a few weeks ago, the state had fewer active cases then most other countries, but infections got out of hand in a very short time, and are still getting worse.

Under the new rules:

  • Exercise will be limited to one hour per day
  • Only one person per household will be able to go out shopping within 5km of their home
  • Remote learning will resume for all students from Wednesday
  • Childcare will be closed except for vulnerable children and children of permitted workers
  • Public transport will be restricted overnight
  • Weddings will be banned from Thursday
  • Funerals allowed and 10 mourners can leave Melbourne for regional funerals
  • Organised sport will be banned
  • Visits to intimate partners will be allowed outside 5km
  • Cafes and restaurants can still open to sell takeaway food

These stage four measures will be active for the next 6 weeks during which they are hoping to get better results.

Other states in Australia are still managing to keep the virus under their control, as the big majority of the cases found are located in Victoria.