The UK has just joined 11 other European countries to quarantine people arriving from Malta for 14 days. This is after a sudden spike in Covid cases which doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.

How will this effect Malta? Well, this means that many people will cancel their trip to Malta this summer resulting in an even smaller number of tourists than what we had planned to have for this summer.

Tourism from the UK totals up to almost a third of Malta’s GDP. So Malta will definitely be effected with no, or at least very few UK visitors. But keep in mind that it’s not just the UK that is doing this, but 11 more European countries as well.

The 14-day-quarantine when arriving back to England is to take effect as from 4pm today, and according to reports, many travel agents are already receiving cancellations on trips to Malta.

But we are still to get tourists from other countries right? Not so much. As anyone who is planning to visit Malta is definitely keeping updated with the Covid situation in Malta, they for sure won’t feel as comfortable and safe coming anymore.

About a week ago there had been a report that Sicilian tourists returned back to Sicily positive to Covid and resulted in a cluster of at least 11 people. That didn’t help in Making a good name to Malta.

But is this all negative? Business in Malta will definitely suffer. But on the contrary, due to the massive rise in cases, less tourists is better for maintaining Covid in our country. With around 50 new cases daily the main goal should be keeping all measures in order to reduce the spread as health is a much more bigger issue then tourism.