MaltaToday survey shows that that Comodini has made no impact whatsoever among PN supporters.

The survey shows that Comodini’s trust rating compared to PM Robert Abela is 13.1%. While Delia’s trust rating compared to the PM is 13.2%.

The survey held by MaltaToday showed that overall trust-rating of PM Abela compared to Delia to be 57.7% and 58.4% against Comodini. This further shows how Comodini has made no effect on PN.

MaltaToday‘s survey also shows that the Labour Party is now running at 47.8% while the PN for the third month continues to decrease in numbers, now at 20.8%. The difference between the two parties now stands at around 72,000.

Further info on the survey on MaltaToday‘s site. What are your thoughts and opinion on these numbers?