In the past 24 hours (as of today 13th of August), a record number of swabs have been carried out, revealing a record number of Covid cases.

A total of 2485 swab tests have been performed in the past 24 hours. 15 swabs less of their 2500 swabs/day goal.

From those 2485 swabs, 55 came out positive, reaching a new record.

According to authorities, from these 55 cases, 5 were family members of a previously known cases. 4 were contacts of previously reported cases. And another 2 were from the Paceville cluster.

Contact tracing of these 55 cases is ongoing.

In the past 24 hours, another 13 have recovered from the virus.

The total Number of cases now reached 528. Total number of swabs now being 149,952. And total number of recovered now standing at 708.

Due to a sudden spike in cases, crowded places are highly advised by authorities to be avoided and face-masks are to be worn at all times in shops.

Authorities have also advised to ignore speculations on the virus and other news which is has not yet been confirmed by health authorities. This is because of certain Facebook pages reporting fake news multiple times and alarming the public on lies about number of cases ad other information on the virus.

What do you think of this news and of current numbers?