A pathway for the turtles which are expected to hatch soon has been set at Ramla Bay.

The pathway which was recently set these past three days is to further guide and protect them while they journey from the spot from which they will hatch to the sea which is a very dangerous and delicate phase for the baby turtles.

We were informed by a supervisor that the turtles are expected to hatch in about two weeks time. The eggs will most probably hatch at around 3am but there have been incidents where they hatched as early as 9pm.

Image belongs to Maltese Breeze

Image Belongs to Maltese Breeze

As soon as they hatch they will follow the light of the moon which will guide the newly hatched turtles at sea. That is why any other source of light is prohibited at Ramla until they hatch. Other light sources can mislead them from going to the sea.

Image belongs to Maltese Breeze