As the MATSEC exams start in less then 2 weeks, many students still have many questions on their mind regarding timetables and measures being taken to avoid covid.

Education Minister Owen Bonnici has just announced on Facebook that the exam timetables have recently been sent and students are to receive them in the next couple of days.

Your exam location and other important details are to be listed with the timetable.

What has been confirmed is that the number of students in each examination room is going to be drastically decreased as precaution. Basically students will be spread out in more rooms, each room with very few students.

Before students are allowed to enter the room, their temperature will be taken. Wearing a face-mask/visor during the exam is not obligatory. Students can choose whether to wear a face-mask/visor or not, however METSEC is not responsible if anyone contracts the virus.

Many students are asking what is to happen if they will be in mandatory quarantine during the day of the exam. Authorities have not yet answered this question, however they have confirmed that there is a “plan” in case that happens.