New record number daily Covid-19 cases in Australia as 502 new cases were found in the last 24 hours. (as of 22/07/20)

The last record of daily cases in Australia was set last March, with 469 cases. Most of those cases were of international travellers.

A little over two weeks ago, on July 9th, only 2 cases were found in Australia but the virus quickly spread to thousands more in just a few days.

484 of the cases found in the last 24 hours were from Victoria. 16 other cases were from New South Wales and the remaining 1 from Queensland.

As of today (22/07/20) Australia has almost 3,000 total number of cases , 128 deaths, over 4,220 active cases and over 8,540 recovered.

“This is the single-largest daily number of diagnoses of COVID-19 in Australia since the pandemic began,” Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd said

As we might be having it easy here in Malta with the daily cases ranging only from 0-2, many other countries are finding it very hard to control the virus as they are experiencing the second wave.