Tal-Mixta Cave sits overlooking the red sands of Ramla Bay and is on the opposite side of Calypso Cave. It has always been one of the top and most breathtaking attractions in Gozo, but in the recent couple of years it has seen more visitors, both local and tourists, then ever before. This is because it offers a view of the whole of Ramla Bay and its surroundings and well as the sea, and trail to get there is also just as enjoyable. It is also a perfect place to take great pictures, which is why this cave is a very popular spot on Instagram and other social media.

Mixta Cave. View below of Ramla Bay

How to get to Mixta Cave – there are a couple of ways you can get to this breathtaking location. One way is to hike up to the cave from Ramla Bay. If you’re visiting the cave in summer and you’re an adventurous person then this will be a hike you will certainly enjoy. Another way is to go from the back and access the cave from behind by a set of stairs. This way you can either hike it, go by car or also by bike which will give you an off-road rocky ride through the fields. If you choose to go there from the back of the cave, you will also have a set of signs directing you and making sure you find your way. Here is the exact location on Google Maps below.

History – on July 7th of 1722, two vessels, said to be Muslim, set anchor in Ramla Bay in order to search for food and supplies, and took a Gozitan family captive. With this, the Knights of St John realised how vulnerable this valley was and so decided to take action in order to defend the valley. This cave was then pierced in order to be of shelter. This was a perfect spot as it couldn’t be seen from the sea since it’s overlooking the beach. Pottery from the Bronze age has also been discovered which proofs that the area was also inhabited in ancient times.

The entrance to Mixta Cave viewpoint, Ramla Bay, Island of Gozo, Malta.- Image from TripAdvisor

If you are visiting Malta make sure to take the ferry to Gozo and put Mixta Cave on your list of places to visit as it is a mistake to miss it out. And don’t forget to tag us on the pictures you post on social media especially on Instagram (@maltesebreeze) for a change to get featured on one of our posts.