During the past week Malta has seen many increasing digits when it comes to Covid-19, both good and bad.

Here’s a summery of the numbers we’ve seen this week, from 31st of August to 6th September

  • Total number of swabs done this week was 13,584
  • Total Cases have risen from 1862 to 2039. That means that during this week, cases increased by 177.
  • Active cases have decreased from 538 to 398. That’s a decrease of 140 active cases during the week.
  • Total Deaths have risen from 11 to 14. That’s 3 deaths in just this week.
  • Recoveries increased from 1313 to 1627. Making it a total of 314 recoveries last week.

Overall, active cases are decreasing and the biggest digit for this week was recoveries, so things were looking good this week. However we have also seen a record number of deaths in a week.

Lets hope that we’ll see similar numbers in active cases and recoveries during the next 7 days.