Another week has gone by and numbers continue to rise as Covid doesn’t look like it’s leaving any time soon.

Here’s a summary of the numbers we’ve seen this week, from 7th to 13th September –

  • Total number of swabs done this week was 13,153.
  • Total Cases have risen from 2039 to 2352. That means that during this week, cases increased by 313.
  • Active cases have decreased from 398 to 465. That’s an increase of 67 active cases.
  • Total Deaths have risen from 14 to 15. That’s 1 death this week.
  • Recoveries increased from 1627 to 1872. Making it a total of 245 recoveries last week.

This week we’ve seen worse numbers than last week. We’ve had an increase in daily cases and a decrease in recoveries.