Yet another week has gone by and it hasn’t been the brightest as cases are still on the rise at a higher rate than before.

Here’s a summary of the numbers we’ve seen this week, from 14th to 20th September –

Total number of swabs done this week was 16,158.

Total Cases have risen from 2352 to 2731. That means that during this week, cases increased by 379.

Active cases have decreased from 465 to 664. That’s an increase of 199 active cases.

Total Deaths have risen from 15 to 20. That’s 5 deaths this week.

Recoveries increased from 1872 to 2047. Making it a total of 175 recoveries last week.

The situation is worse than previous weeks as cases continue to rise at an alarming rate. We’ve seen 5 deaths this week, 3 of which were in 24 hours. Masks are also recommended to be worn at all times outside according to Profs. Charmaine Gauci.