The much awaited app which lets you know if you’ve been near someone who has been infected has finally been launched.

‘COVID Alert Malta’ is the national Maltese app designed to help protect individuals by alerting them if they were in close contact with persons infected with Covid-19.

The app doesn’t store any personal details and doesn’t reveal the identity of infected persons. It doesn’t even track the user’s location or require to create an account. All users are completely anonymous.

How It Works

The app works in the background, using Bluetooth to exchange secret codes between mobile phones that are close to each other for at least 15 minutes.

If an app user is informed by Health Authorities that he/she is positive, the person will be given a code to be entered voluntarily in the app.

This will alert mobile phones of persons who were close to the infected person, informing them that they might have been exposed to the virus.

The contacts will then be encouraged to call the 111 helpline for advice and if necessary, get tested.

It is highly encouraged to use the app, as the more users it has, the more effective it becomes by notifying potentially infected people.

The app will not replace traditional contact tracing methods, however it will compliment and aid contact tracing.

The app is available to download on the ‘Play Store’ for Android users and the ‘App Store’ for iPhone users. All you have to do is search “COVID Alert Malta” and the app should come at the top of the list.