Bernard Arnault, billionaire and CEO of Louis Vuitton has came to Comino in style with his mega yacht last weekend.

If you crossed from Malta to Gozo last weekend you might have noticed an amazing luxurious mega yacht set off the shore of Comino… well that belongs to no other than the CEO of Luis Vuitton himself.

Besides Louis Vuitton, Bernarn Arnault also owns a list of high-end luxury brands including Zenith, Tiffany & Co, Christian Dior, Hublot, Bulgari and more. That also explains his 109.6 billion USD net worth!

image from Forbes

Bernard Arnault’s yacht is called “Symphony”. Symphony was in 2015 the largest yacht built in the Netherlands and is said to be owned by Maltese registered company Sonata Yachting. It is also one of the most luxurious privately owned mega yachts in the world, nothing less to expect from a billionaire. It can carry 36 passengers and features a swimming pool on main deck, an outdoor cinema on bridge deck, a jacuzzi on the sundeck and much more.

Bernard Arnault has visited the Maltese Islands before on the same yacht. The last time being 2017.