Delia’s opposing PN Parliamentary members “worried” after survey published by MaltaToday showing PN losing more voters for the 3rd month in a row. So now they are calling PN’s “tesserati” to elect a new leader.

“I’m determined that the ‘tesserati’ will choose a new leader” Jason Azzoppardi said on a social media post on behalf of the rest of PN MPs opposing Delia.

“The survey confirms again the PN’s and Adrian Delia’s bad trend” he added. If a general election had to be held today, The PN would lose by around 80,000 votes.

According to him, these statistics confirm how urgently a new leader needs to be elected by their “tesserati”. He also added that this would heal the PN and prepare them for the next general election.

The opposition’s opposition has clearly not yet lost hope of removing Delia as leader before the next general election. And with less then two years for the next general election, time is an asset which is working against them.