If you’re betweent he ages of 13 and 25 here in Malta then you’ve for sure heard about the craze over hype shoes like Yeezys and Jordan’s in the past couple of years and it doesn’t seem like it’s fading any time soon.

Hype shoes are expensive pairs of shoes, usually released by Adidas, Adidas Yeezy or Nike, and some of them release a limited number of pairs, which results in them getting sold out in a few hours and get sold by resellers for double its original price.

Even though the high price of these pairs of uniquely designed shoes, they are getting more popular here in Malta as time goes by, and you’ll spot a pair almost every time you go out.

Hype Shoes Prices

But with items as rare but popular as hype shoes, identical fakes start showing up as well, and only costing a fraction of the price of the real pair, and so are some of the pairs you see people here in Malta wearing. Not all of the Hype Shoes here in Malta are fake, but certainly some of the one’s you’ve spotted were.


How can you own a pair of these Hype Shoes? Well, the first step is to put aside at least 200Euros, or double that, depending of the pair you want. Next is either try to search for the pair online as shops in Malta don’t usually sell them. You wont always find the pair you’re looking for on the main shopping sites either, and be careful not to get scammed for a fake pair. Another option is to see what Hype MLT or Style Society has in stock. Style Society is a page on Instagram whose owners are located in Malta, and what they do is sell Hype shoes and other expensive and rare clothing. All you need to do is send them a DM for you to order.

Is it worth spending 300 or more on a pair of shoes or do you have better things to spend your money on? Well it all depends on how crazy you are about shoes. If you’re a student working part time it would definitely not be easy spending at least 2 weeks of your earnings on a pair of shoes. Do you own a pair of Hype Shoes? And also, what is your opinion on them? Leave a comment telling us what you think.