The payment firm PayPal has recently added some new rules, and one of which can charge you up to €12 inactivity fee.

This new rule will come active form the 16th of December and will charge you €12 if you haven’t logged in, received or sent any payment in the previous 12 month period.

If you have less than €12 in your account, then your balance will simply go to €0 and if you have no money on your account, then you won’t be charged any fee at all.

According to PayPal, you will be getting warnings of getting the fee 6 months, 3 months and 1 week before the fee is administered.

So how to avoid getting charged with the inactivity fee? Simple. Just log into your PayPal account. And if you haven’t used used your PayPal account in years, then it is recommended that you withdraw any money you have in your account to avoid getting charged in the future.