‘Black Friday’ usually results in crowded shops and long queues of people. However with Covid-19 cases rising more then ever, how is Black Friday going to go down this year?

Well that is what we asked our viewers on our social media and here is what we got.

When asked if they even shop on Black Friday, 62% said YES while 38% responded NO.

However, when asked if they conduct their Black Friday shopping online or in-store, 69% said that they shop online while only 31% shop in-stores, which is a positive this considering this year’s situation.

Finally, the most important question, when asked if they will still do in-store shopping on this year’s black Friday, only 39% said Yes while 61% replies with NO.

It seems like the majority are being cautious and taking a step back this year or shopping online instead. As it is important to support local businesses and shops, its best to avoid crowds this time round. Most local shops have a an online store from which you can shop instead.