In an interrogation with the police, Victor Dragomanski relieved many shocking details on what went down in Sliema’s double murder.

The 36-year-old Macedonian relieved that he was walking his dog when he was suddenly approached by Muka and Jesper who were in the getaway car and ask asked him to join them for a “job”.

He said that he didn’t know what the job was, however accepted as he knew Jesper well, and Muka to a lesser extent. Dragomanski said that his life had been ruined the minute he accepted to participate in the job.

After agreeing to participate, he took his dog home, got in the car and the three drove to the house of the crime.

He also confirmed that Muka was the one who pulled the trigger on the two victims. CCTV cameras also confirm that Dragomanski was not the shooter.

Kristiansen was the one driving the car, while Dragomanski was in the front passenger seat and Muka was sat in the back passenger seat.

When they arrived at the house of the crime, Muka got out of the car holding a pistol, which Dragomanski urged not to gratuitously.

Dragomanski stayed in the car while the other two headed in the house and shortly after he heard 6 gunshots being fired.

After the gunshots were fired, he was called to entered the house to help. When he entered, he described seeing Pandolfino near the entrance taking his last breaths, and soon after Maciejowski breathing heavily on the second floor. He also said that he was so shocked that he had to be dragged away from the crime scene and out of the house by Muka.

Gold chains and necklaces have been stolen from around the victims neck after they were shot and Muka was wearing one of them when he was arrested. The door was also found with marks of aggression, however police are still not sure whether they broke in, or were let in by Pandelfino but later Dragomanski broke in to help.

Muka and Dragomanski have accused each other of being the minds behind the crime. While Kristiansen is facing extradition charges in Spain. It can take weeks for Kristiansen to be sent over to Malta to face the courts.

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