Earlier this week we conducted a survey on both our Instagram and on Our website on which we people were asked about schools reopening and the added measures. Here are the results that we got:

Question 1 – “Do you agree with schools re-opening?”

  • “Yes” – 57%
  • “No” – 43%

Question 2 – “Do the added measures in schools make you feel more safe?

  • “Yes” – 41%
  • “No” – 59%

Question 3 – “Do you think that the new measures in schools are: “

  • “Too Little/ Not effective” – 39%
  • “Good/ Enough” – 51%
  • “Too Much” – 10%

Question 4 – “What is your opinion on the decisions taken to reopen schools?”

These are the valid replies that we got:

“Its a decision without responsibility”

“Children need to get out and socialise. They are spending too much time in front of screens.”

“We need to adjust our lives to covid-19 , children need to learn rules, we can’t stay locked, my son is 15 years old and wants the school to reopen.”

“Covid is getting bad here”

“Too early “

“Schools could open online with the option of extremely small groups coming in twice a week separately”.

“Children in a class without mask= spreading covid-19. Don’t think its safe”

All in all, the percentage of people who think that schools should open and of those who think shouldn’t is very close, which explains all the controversy about it this past month. And finally, what are your thoughts on the results? Surprised or as expected?