In a press conference earlier today, Professor Charmaine Gauci announced all the new Covid-19 regulation which is to take place in schools as they reopen next month.

Charmaine stated that with all the regulation, there can never be no risk of getting the virus.

Here is a list of all the regulations announced during the press conference:

  • Students and teachers who feel unwell are to stay at home.
  • If a student is feeling unwell at school or begins to show symptoms, there will be a room where the student will wait until his parents arrive to pick him up.
  • All students and teachers are to be ‘tested’ before entering the school. (Temperatures are to be take)
  • Each class will have a low number of students.
  • The group of students in a classroom are to be kept together, away from other class groups and in the same classrooms. This also implies to secondary schools. They will also be kept together and away from other class groups during break.
  • Children with less then 3 years will not wear a face-mask. Children from 3 to 11 only have to wear a face-mask in corridors and other places inside the school when they may make contact with other people outside their class group. Children with 11 or more years are to wear the face-mask at all times in the school
  • A record will be taken of all the students in a particular class and all the teachers and staff which made contact with the particular class.
  • Each school will have a ‘contact person’ whocontacted by authorities if there is a case in the school. He will provide all the contact records to authorities.
  • Parents are to be ‘tested’ before they pick up children from school. (get their temperatures taken)

School Transport

  • Each school bus is to make a shorter trip and pick up less students.
  • A record will be taken of all the students to get on school transport.
  • Windows are to be open if weather permits.
  • School busses are to be cleaned between each trip.