As Covid-19 cases are rising at a pace, many students are asking whether schools are going to open, and if they are, under what measures.

Yesterday, Education minister Owen Bonnici has given us 3 ways in which schools can open. Each method is made for a different level of severity of the virus in our country.

The options are these:

  • First option is for the best scenario. Schools will open on the 28th of September just like normal and under normal measures.
  • The second option is that schools open on the 28th of September, but under many precautions. One of which is that half the students attend half of the school days.
  • And for the worst case scenario, schools won’t open at all for the first term, then open for the second term.

The first and last options are the two extremes of schools either opening completely normal or not opening at all. The third option would also mean a start of a new school year via lessons online.

After some unhappy comments on the Minister’s decision, he published a post on social media reassuring the public of his intentions and stating that these options were made to prepare us for every situation.

School is due to open in a couple months and many things can happen till then. Nobody can predict how the situation regarding this pandemic will be when schools are due to open. What are your thoughts on these three options and which one do you think is the best one to proceed with?