Yesterday, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri posted his Facebook addressing fake news and rumours on Covid-19 in Gozo which started circulating a few minutes prior.

“Once again I am going to have to address lies which popped up online a few minutes ago”, Clint said.

“It is another lie that in Gozo there are 18 positive cases. It is a lie as well that I am positive for COVID-19 and that the Government is hiding this”, he continued.

He concluded his post by saying “It is a shame how there are some who are doing everything to alarm the people in a particular Gozitans with lies and made-ups”

Fake news on 18 Covid cases in Gozo was put out by Gerald Fenech on his Facebook page ‘Gerald Fenech Covid19 news updates‘. In one of his posts, he said that there are 18 Covid cases in Gozo. He was then asked which localities these cases were located, to which he replied that most are in Nadur.

He then deleted this post after Gozo Minister Clint confirmed it being face news.

A few minutes after Clint posted, Gerald posted again in reply, saying: “Does Gozo have a bastion against Covid? Is it possible that Gozo has found a way to stop Covid from travelling there?”

This is not the first time that he has been exposed of posting Fake News and alarming the public. He has been warned against by multiple sources and people, including health authorities.

A couple of weeks ago he stated that there were people which attended San Gorg feast as well as Hondoq By Night who tested positive for Covid. These caused major panic in Gozo and Health Authorities had to intervene and state that this was fake news.

He is also known for posting against the PL and replying immaturely to comments on his posts. He also charges €5 if you want to be added in a group in which he provides “Extra Information” on Covid-19.

Information on Covid-19 should only be believed and listened to when stated by health officials and not people behind a screen who have over and over again been proven as fake news and leave people wondering how and why he came up with such nonsense.