Yesterday, a shooting in Sliema left 2 men dead. This happened at 10.30pm at Locker Road. The victims of this double homicide were Dr. Christian Pandolfino, who was the owner of the house and his partner Ivor Maciejowski.

Reports also said that that gold was stolen from the house. However the gold which Pandolfino was wearing wasn’t touched. This could also indicate that the cause of the homicide was a robbery, however this has not yet been confirmed.

CCTV footage also showed 3 people leaving the house of the crime scene. One of which was carrying a bag. All three people were seen getting into a white car and driving away. Police are now suspecting that a fourth person was involved who might have been driving the car.

One of the victims, Dr. Christian Pandolfino had a successful career in banking in England, however he moved back to Malta 15 years ago. He was known as a collector. The other victim, Ivor Maciejowski was his partner. He was also foreign and an art dealer.

Police are still investigating the crime. More updates will be published on this site once more details are provided and confirmed.

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