Yesterday early afternoon, police conducted a raid in a house in Floriana where they arrested an Albanian man in relation to the Sliema double homicide which happened last week.

Daniel Muka, the 25 year old Albanian was well known with police and was out on bail.

Muka grabbed a firearm when police arrived at the Floriana house however this was taken from his possession.

According to Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà, gold items were stolen from Pandolfino’s home, however none of the gold has yet been found. Thus police are currently considering the motive of the crime to be theft.

Gafa’ also said that a replica of an AK-47 as well as a Thompson were found in the VW Tiguan vehicle which was used in the crime.

He also confirmed that 6 shots were fired from a pistol. Ivor Maciejowsk was shot in the brain. Pandolfino was shot in the chest, neck and head, and another shot missed.

At the house in Floriana there were 2 other people, however they are not connected to the homicide. He also said that another person is is being held connected with the concealment of another person.

After his arrest, the Albanian complained of a toothache and was taken to a Clinic, however he was later locked up.

Gafa’ also said that it is dangerous to reveal more details at this point as it may lead to identifying other persons involved.

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