Health Minister Chris Fearne has confirmed that Malta has received the first shipment of the COVID-19 Rapid-Testing Kits which give results in 30 minutes. An announcement is yet to be made to explain how these testing-kits will be used alongside the current procedures.

The current Covid swab tests give results in a matter of hours. These new testing kits will allow for people to know if they’re negative or positive for the virus in a few minutes and make the procedure more efficient.

The World Health Organisation has said that these testing kits are also more portable, reliable, easy to administer and cheaper. They also said that these tests will help maintain the transmission of the virus.

 “High-quality rapid tests show us where the virus is hiding, which is key to quickly tracing and isolating contacts and breaking the chains of transmission. The tests are a critical tool for governments as they look to reopen economies and ultimately save both lives and livelihoods,” said the director-General of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.