Situated at the west side of Comino Island, the blue lagoon is a real Mediterranean Paradise. Shallow crystal clear waters and just a swim away from Cominotto, an even smaller smaller island in front of the Blue Lagoon.

It is a perfect place to relax, swim, go snorkelling and enjoy the beautiful view of the Maltese Islands. And when you get hungry, there’s plenty of small food outlets to order food or tropical drinks.

And did I mention that it is a total hot-spot for Instagram Pictures?

Best Time to Visit

Since the sea is the best thing to enjoy at the Blue Lagoon, the best months to go there are from June to September. The sea may be too cold or too rough in other months of the year. Another tip is to visit during week days. Why? Because it has become so popular in the past few years with both tourists and locals that is is too overcrowded during weekends.

How to Get There

The most popular way to get there is by a ferry. You can find ferries that head to the Blue Lagoon from Mgarr (Gozo) and Cirkewwa. These ferries work on a schedule and cost from €7-€35.

Another option is by renting a boat. This option is more expensive as prices to rent a boat can range from €350 to thousands depending on the boat. However, with a boat all to yourself, you’ll have a totally different experience. You can park your boat off the shore of Blue Lagoon, and enjoy the surroundings without being bothered by other people. Sunbathing, jumping from the boat to the sea, snorkelling and swimming in deeper waters around the boat, fishing and many more possibilities depending on the size and luxury of the boat.

It is a sin if you visit the Maltese Islands during summer and decide not to visit. And when you do, make sure to tag us on your tropical pictures on Instagram on @maltesebreeze & #maltesebreeze

Maltese Breeze Rating –

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.