In the past couple of weeks a scam has been going around Facebook Messenger and it has managed to hack hundreds of accounts here in Malta. Chances are, that you too have gone past it, or even worse, fell victim for the scam.

The scam starts when you receive a random message on Facebook Messenger saying “😮 [YOUR NAME] int verament fil-video” and a link below it which at first sight displays a video with millions of views.

This is meant to make people confused and curious on if they really ended up in a video which has generated so many views, so naturally they click on the link. And what comes up next is the real trap.

At first sight, when you click on the link, Facebook opens up on the Browser and not the App, and asks you to log in to see the video. The only thing is… that that isn’t really Facebook which opened up. Its a website which looks exactly like Facebook, and when you try to log in, you’re doing nothing more then sending your login credentials to whoever is behind the scam.

Now, the scammer can log into your Facebook account and send the same scam to all your friends on Facebook Messenger, and the cycle goes on.

What should you do if you receive this scam? Nothing. The thing which you SHOULDN’T do is click on it. And if you know the victim from who’s Messenger you received the message, you might want to let them know that their account has got hacked. And to do this, don’t send them a message on FB Messenger because they most probably won’t have access to their account for a few minutes since it’s gotten hacked.

Have you been past this scam? Or maybe even a victim of it? We’d love to know. But most importantly, share this article to help put a stop to this scam.