Another Loggerhead turtle was spotted nesting yesterday at Għadira Bay.

The turtle was spotted nesting yesterday (Monday 10th) at Għadira Bay at 9pm, close to the other turtle nest which had been set there a few weeks before.

6 people were the first to spot the turtle and immediately reported to officials. Nature trust volunteers and ERA officials came shortly after to safeguard the nest and build an enclosure around it. The turtle eggs will now be guarded 24/7 by volunteers until they hatch.

This is the 4th reported case of loggerhead turtles nesting at beaches around the Maltese Islands. The first turtle which laid eggs was at Ramla Bay, which successfully hatched at the end of July, the remaining 3 nests are still to hatch.

People who attempt to steal or damage these turtle eggs will be fined from €500 up to €2,400 according to the ‘Flora, Fauna and Natural Habitats Protection Regulations’

Loggerhead turtle eggs take from 44 to 55 days to hatch and are expected to have a success rate of 80-100%.

Pictures from ERA & Nature Trust Malta