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At Maltese Breeze we believe in challenging the norm and going against the current – The way we do that is by offering exposure for its true value, and not having to break the bank or your marketing budget.  Giving the opportunity to smaller businesses to advertise with the same means as bigger competitors.  Furthermore, keeping our advertisers in mind, with top priority, in everything that we do.

Get the exposure you deserve! Want to put your business, brand or event in front of a large audience? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Promote with us? Good question, let us tell you why…

  • A large percentage of our audience consists of people living in Malta.
  • We have thousands of followers on social media… which means thousands of views on each of our posts.
  • Our site also has thousands of unique visitors weekly, but we are getting more visitors daily!
  • We offer many different methods to advertise with us, so no matter how and what you need to advertise, we got you covered. 
  • But most importantly, Maltese Breeze is a brand that people love and trust, and advertising with a loved and trusted brand makes all the difference.

Methods of advertising with us are – 

  • Displaying banner ads on our site.
  • Posting an ad on our social media (Instagram & Facebook). Can consist of any type of content/s.
  • Writing an article on our site.
  • Custom branded marketing campaigns & content.

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