5 out of the 6 new Covid-19 cases confirmed today (24/07/20) attended the same event last weekend.

Yesterday’s new case of Covid-19 had attended an event last weekend. The event attendees have been urged to do a swab test and from those who did so far, 5 have been tested positive. Besides these 5, a relative of this person has also been tested positive.

The event was a 3-day party called ‘Hotel Takeover’ hosted by G7 Events. This took place at the Radisson Blu St Julian’s Hotel. A spokesperson from the hotel has confirmed that the rooms have been cleaned and the staff has been tested.

Health authorities are pressuring guests at the event to get tested. They can make an appointment by calling 111.

Another party was set to take place today, this afternoon at the same hotel. The event set to take place today is hosted by Offline WKND. Over 325 people were expected to attend. However, in a recent Facebook post, Offline WKND said that they are “unsure about this event taking place,” and a few minuted after they confirmed that the event is cancelled.

It is yet unknown weather they will be another spike in cases. Active cases went from 6 to 12 in just one day.