A World War II air raid shelter at Qrendi which was abandoned for many years, resulting in it getting fulled with debris and trash, has now been restored to it’s original condition as it was 75 ago.

The restoration had started last July, and since then 38 tons of debris and other rubbish was removed from inside. According to the Parliamentary Secretary for Public Cleanliness, Deo Debattista, workers spent 460 hours of work to remove all of the debris

The shelter is now open for the public. One of the shelter’s outlets leads to the ‘Soċjetà Filarmonika Lourdes’ building.

The President of the Soċjetà Filarmonika Lourdes, architect Mannie Galea, stated the the shelter is a “mirror to the past for all those who visit Qrendi”.

Images from: tvm.com.mt